Custom-designed solutions

The raw materials themselves, their delivery, storage, dosing and mixing, are the basis for a high quality end product. EME provides custom-designed and efficient solutions for almost all types of glass, from float glass to containers and from fibres to tableware. An optimum system concept is developed, irrespective of whether it is a vertical system with transport mainly by gravity or a horizontal one that uses conveyor belts. Protection of both the environment and people, and the elimination of dust and noise pollution are our main focus.

Local factors such as the relative costs of steel or concrete are taken into consideration, so that, for example, the most cost-efficient storage containers – steel or concrete – are included in the project. Recipe flexibility is important, but so is the availability of a fall-back level when a fault occurs in the system. All these factors unite to provide the customer with an extremely reliable installation of the best possible quality.

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