• EME, Sorg and Grenzebach Team up in Indien
    Triveni Renewables Pvt Ltd's new manufacturing plant in India will be impressive. It will have a melting capacity of 240 tpd. The figures are challenging enough, but Triveni wants more. The company demands an effective and environmentally friendly production line. To overcome the obstacles and meet its quality requirements, Triveni decided to commission EME, SORG and Grenzebach. EME will provide Triveni with a batch plant and cullet return system, while SORG is responsible for the melting furnace. Grenzebach will deliver the annealing lehr and the cutting line.
    The joint work will allow Triveni Glass, through its subsidiary company Triveni Renewables Pvt Ltd, to take advantage of India's growing demand for highquality solar glass.
    Triveni's decision to commission a SORG melting furnace is based on SORG's extensive experience in the solar and figured glass industry. It also highlights the benefits of the long-term partnership between EME, SORG and Grenzebach to provide glassmakers worldwide
    with the best equipment for flat glass production.

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