Upgrade with minimum downtime

Batch houses generally have an operating life of several decades. It is not unusual for the control system to be upgraded or even replaced by a completely new system during this time. EME has often carried out such upgrades during normal production, with great success. The batch house is stopped for short periods, as agreed in advance, whilst the melting process continues uninterrupted.

A simple upgrade involves, for example, the replacement of an old control system by an up-to-date model. The SCADA system will often also be replaced, but existing control panels and cabling are retained. More complex upgrades may also involve the replacement of the control panels and cabling.

Such upgrades have been carried out on several occasions during normal operation. The new control system is installed parallel to the existing one and tested. During the transition phase the installation continues to run in a simple operating mode. For the change-over the batch house must be halted for a short period. The melting process continues without interruption.



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