External Dust Prevention

The completely sealed doghouse made possible by the use of the new EME-NEND® charger effectively eliminates external dusting from the doghouse. This results in less time and work needed to keep various areas of the installation clean and dust-free.

On a particular furnace using a conventional pusher charger the area around the doghouse was always cleaned every 5 – 7 days. Since an EME-NEND® charger was installed in place of the pusher unit the cleaning period has been extended to once every 40 – 45 days.

Similarly, the updraft from the partially open doghouse in use with the conventional pusher charger always transports batch dust upwards where a considerable amounts lands on the furnace crown. This must normally be cleaned at regular intervals. There is no updraft from the enclosed doghouse made possible by the EME-NEND® charger and experience has shown that it is no longer necessary to clean the crown.

The reduced dust leads to a safer and more pleasant workplace environment!



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