The EME-NEND® series has been extended with the introduction of a new version with a vibratory feeder. This batch charger can be used both on a standard doghuse and on an IRD doghouse.

The EME-NEND® R1 can serve a furnace capacity from 50t/d up to 250t/d and the EME-NEND® R2 from 100t/d up to 500t/d dependant on the cullet ration added. The machines allows for a completely sealed doghouse. The throughput is regulated according the required capacity by means of a thyristor controller. Immediately after charge of the batch the Pusher shapes clusters, which are then pushed forward with a elliptic movement into the melting area of the furnace. On an standstill the pusher stops in front of the opening of the vibratory feeder and reduces the introduction of heat into the feeder. To protect the feeder from heat impact a cooling jacket is mounted around the feeder discharge. The feeder body is made out of wear resistant material.

The opportunity to adjust the conveying capacity of the vibratory tube and the frequency of the pusher allows optimization of the batch distribution on the glass surface.




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