NOx Reduction

The enclosed doghouse made possible by the EME-NEND® charger eliminates the uncontrolled inflow of air through the doghouse and as this air is no longer available for the production of NOx. Near the flame root a reduction in NOx emission is to be expected.

Exact comparative measurements have now been made on two end-fired regenerative furnaces on which conventional pusher chargers have been replaced by EME-NEND® machines. In both cases continuous measurements were made in the waste gas channel after the reversal unit over an extended time period.

The figures clearly show that the enclosed doghouse, made possible by the use of the EME-NEND® charger, has led to a decrease in the NOx emissions of more than 10 %, despite the fact that the basic level was already less than 800 mg.

The graph below shows the plotted NOx values without and with an EME-NEND® batch charger at the same furnace.



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