• The New Type R Batch Charger
    The EME-NEND® series of batch charging machines has been expanded through the addition of another variant. During the development of this series of batch chargers - as can already be seen in the name of the batch charger EME-N(NO) E(EMISSION) N(NO) D(DUST)® -, special attention was paid to a low-dust feeding system with a sealed doghouse in order to eliminate the dusting around the furnace and to eliminate the introduction of false air into the furnace. Of course, an improvement in the batch distribution in comparison to other conventional batch chargers was another very important development target. It has been found that many small batch piles, evenly distributed over the melting surface, have a positive effect on the melting behaviour of the batch, due to a larger surface area available for reaction and thus better heat transfer can be achieved. In conjunction with the glass level control and the exhaust gas control, an optimal batch pattern can be achieved. The throughput of the integrated feeding device can be accurately controlled and with the aid of the pusher the size of the batch piles can be adjusted for optimal batch charger performance. Different versions of the batch chargers are available for different requirements:
    • EME-NEND® 2 and EME-NEND® 3
    • EME-NEND® S1, EME-NEND® S2 and EME-NEND® S3
    • EME-NEND® R1 and EME-NEND® R2

    What characterizes this new version and in what way does it differ from the other batch chargers in this series?

    • Batch delivery through enclosed vibratory feeders with Rectangular cross-sections, capacity control via thyristors
    • Vibratory feeder with a rear maintenance door
    • Separate water-cooled heat protection covers at the vibratory feeder outlet
    • Elliptic pusher movement, motor driven, frequency controlled
    • Heat shield in lightweight construction
    • Larger operating range
    • Maintenance friendly
    • Reduced footprint (size and weight)

    If we have sparked an interest, then ask us for more details. We are happy to help you to find the optimal EME-NEND® batch charger for your furnace.



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