• Steklarna Hrastnik relies on EME technology
    Slovenian based glass manufacturer Steklarna Hrastnik successfully completed their new investment and EME is proud to be part of it.

    The upgraded batch plant and cullet return system allows Steklarna Hrastnik to incorporate the latest technologies and innovative approaches into its production. This will also improve their high quality of glass even further and provides a more environmentally friendly production facility. In addition to guaranteeing the technical performance of the equipment, EME especially focused on minimizing spillage and dust emissions in the complete plant.

    Combined, both EME and Stekarna Hrastnik, have over two centuries of experience in the glass industry.

    Steklarna Hrastnik, with more than 160 years of tradition alone, is a renowned global partner in developing and manufacturing world-class engineered glass products. It is famous for creating one of the clearest and purest flints in the world.

    EME, with its 100 year proud history, has successfully upgraded and modernized over 100 batch plants all around the world.

    Steklarna Hrastnik is yet another delighted customer thanks to a successful project with EME.



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