• Recent Innovation - EME's sophisticated Belt Cleaning
    Often the belt cleaner does not function in a satisfactory manner when the raw material or glass batch is extremely sticky or humid. A certain amount of the material to be conveyed remains as a residue on the belt and detaches irregularly from the belt, mostly in the area of the return idlers. This results in material losses and spillage below the conveyor belts, which have to be removed at very high cost.

    Belt Cleaning with Material Return
    In order to minimize high cost, EME has developed an innovative belt cleaning solution, in addition to the standard cleaner, which cleans the belt with a brush. The brush is placed on the return belt behind the belt head section. However, a direct return of the brushed material into the material flow is mostly not possible from this point. Therefore, the material is conveyed by means of an integrated scraper conveyor to the transfer chute behind the discharge point of the conveyor belt.

    Drawer Principle
    The brush and the scraper conveyor make up an assembly, the scraper conveyor, being in a removable drawer, is placed in the brush casing. This allows for simple adjustment to different geometries and executions of chutes as well as easy access for realizing maintenance works at the device. The scraper conveyor can easily be removed to the rear.

    The innovative belt cleaning device is available for all current belt widths.



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