Dosing, weighing and mixing

The dosing equipment (screw feeders and vibratory chutes) is specially chosen to suit the flow characteristics of each material. Purpose-designed equipment ensures that the exact quantity is achieved at the end of the dosing cycle with no overrun.

The scales are chosen accordingly to the quantity of material to be weighed and the accuracy required. In most cases, weighing takes place in fixed containers fitted with industrial load cells. A metering band scale may also be used for particular raw materials, while high precision systems have been employed to weigh minor components.

Effective batch mixing is of vital importance to the melting process. The best glass quality can only be achieved in the melter when the batch has the necessary homogeneity. Various mechanical mixers from several manufacturers are used, depending on the specific requirement. EME has developed a pneumatic mixer for very fine raw materials, making it possible to obtain excellent homogeneity without a dusting problem.