From the very beginning EME cullet scrapers and their control have been one of the most sophisticated solutions on the market.

The necessary know-how is integrated directly into EME’s very own standard function modules which are available in tailor made solutions to all our customers. It is irrelevant which control platform used is S7, PCS7 or TIA Portal, or if the operation is done with a touch panel or a SCADA computer. This functionality is included as standard with all our scraper controls that have a PLC and thus all customers receive this benefit at no extra cost. The aim of this intelligent control is not only to massively reduce wear but also to save energy and labor.

Via interfaces with the customer’s IS machines, whether gobs or continuous trickle, the control system intelligently determines the quantity of glass fed into the scraper conveyor, and automatically adjusts the running times and running speeds to optimize the system performance. In this way, changes in glass production are compensated for independently and without the intervention of an operator.

Furthermore, other operating modes are implemented for the operation of the scraper conveyor, as well as, of course, monitoring of the water temperature, automatic water addition and run time monitoring.

In addition, EME can extend our cullet scraper solution to include our closed loop cullet return technology that allows for cullet to be automatically reintroduced into the batching process without any operator intervention or manual handling of the cullet.

All of this functionality is readily available on an mobile device thus making the system accessible from anywhere at any time. For more information on how EME support the cullet handling needs contact EME today.