The EME BatchTools Add-On is a universal, independent batch system fully integrated into PCS7, S7 and Rockwell. It is operable via any standard internet browser that runs on Windows, such as Google Chrome, Firefox, IE, etc. It is also available via all popular display devices such as PCs, tablets and Linux devices.


This visual studio net-based batch application includes:

  • Coordination of the production process via recipe settings
  • High-performance batching
  • Route control
  • Production data management
  • Recipe management (MS SQL server or MS Access)
  • Batch archiving and consumption analysis (MS SQL server)
  • ERP interface (SAP, etc.)
  • Universal data interfaces -> XML, XLS, CSV, PDF, EXCEL, RTF
  • Interface to text software, such as batch calculation programs, etc.
  • Data management
  • Synchronisation of all data
  • Automatic backup of all system parameters, setpoints, settings, etc.
  • Detailed evaluation and diagnosis of batch production
  • Diagnosis and analysis of dosing accuracies using curve, standard deviation, etc.
  • Integrated web server