Based in Dubai, Ammat Glass Industries produces glass bottles and jars for the food and beverage industry and required their furnace and batch house system to be rebuilt.

SORG Group, which is comprised of Nikolaus SORG, EME and SKS, delivered a full turnkey solution. Powered by glass melting and conditioning technologies, SORG Group combined its unique offering of products and services to deliver a seamless hot end process.

EME improved the efficiencies and capacity of the batch house system. The dosing and weighing equipment were replaced to improve accuracy and a new high duty pan mixer was installed. In addition, a new cullet return system was commissioned, which included a single forked-link chain scraper conveyor for a capacity of 460 tpd.

EME provided three new EME-NEND® R2 chargers with two wetting screws and upgraded the electric control system so all functions could be controlled by the PLC. EME’s expertise in batch house systems enabled a batch plant capacity increase of 30%.

Nikolaus SORG designed and engineered a new furnace rebuild, incorporating Deep Refiner® technology, IRD® doghouses and ARD regenerators to avoid high costs for civil work and upgrade the regenerator efficiency. Meanwhile, SKS supervised the steelwork erection, refractory installation and the overall commissioning of the furnace.

By harnessing the Power of 3, SORG Group were able to offer one solution for hot end processes, from batch and cullet handling to melting technologies and furnace design, to furnace construction and complete lifecycle services.